Wednesday, December 1, 2010

News: UK & Hamburg

From London, JJ writes to tell us that the Slade School of Art -- two buildings of it -- was occupied by students two days ago. They are planning 3 days of alternative education, art, activism and disobedience this weekend, from Friday night 3rd to Sunday 5th December. The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination will be supporting this and we are calling on all art activists friends to take part in this act of creative rebellion against the cuts in the UK... Its going to be a great space for planning, discussing, plotting the next steps of what looks like a rising movement in this country, but one that needs our collective radical imaginations .... pass on and proliferate xx
Folks there are invited to either:
1) Propose a workshop/event/ talk/ performance/action/installation/ that you could contribute to the weekend ( a short description of it, what you need space and time wise etc )
2) Write a statement of support to the occupation - esp from international artists etc .. would be great
3) Just turn up with your body and rebel soul
The blog for this is -- Please email your ideas to me at and
Meanwhile, in Hamburg, the travelers are out for the holiday season: Michel Chevalier writers that the banners they are carrying say "squat the city...accept alternative housing... self-determined living.. allow bauwagenpl├Ą end to hight rents, gentrification and displacement/expulsion... let's take over the city." Ho ho ho! (Photo is from the Hamburger Morgen Post.)

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