Saturday, September 5, 2015

Events Series at "Making Room" Show in New York City Sept. 2015

This post will be the most complete listing of events around the "Making Room" exhibition at ABC No Rio this fall. It will be continually updated. There are other spots where events are more fully described, which are mostly all hyperlinked here. We are all very excited about this event series, and look forward to an exciting and productive month in the Big Apple.

FIRST UPDATE: Seminar of Wednesday, 9/23 is cancelled. The principal session is Sunday, 2-5pm at Interference Archive. Registration recommended to awm13579 [at]
Interference website re. the seminar is here (with right now the wrong time for 7/22).

"pop-up" exhibition
"Last Squat City: A Fly’s Personal Archive"
Preview: Friday, Sept. 11. 7 - 10pm
Hours: Saturday + Sunday, Sept 12 -13, 12 - 5pm
"Last Squat City" is culled from the extensive archive of artist, activist, squatter, and Lower East Side icon, Fly, whose zines and comix (including PEOPs, Dog Dayz and Zero Content), and illustrations (MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, Slug & Lettuce, World War 3 Illustrated, NY Press, etc) documented the squatters' movement resisting real estate developers, avoiding police batons, fighting off evictions and sometimes rioting; all of which frightened the complacent yuppie invasion. 37 Greenpoint Avenue, Suite E4G, Box 23 , Brooklyn, New York, 11222 718-383-9621 Curated by Richard J. Lee

Photo above: Tovarna Rog center in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo by BoBo.

The upcoming exhibition at ABC No Rio arranged in conjunction with the release of the "Making Room" anthology (and lurking in the background, this blogger's own coincidental publication of "Occupation Culture") is opening September 16th. An extensive series of events is planned. Details are posted below, with hyperlinks to more information.
The show closes October 15. The gallery is listed as open for viewing hours: Sundays 2:00 — 5:00pm Tues, Wed, Thurs 4:00 —7:00pm. It will also be open during the hours of special events. It will be open at other times, when me and others are there, and during the as-yet-unscheduled Christiania conference reports, but you should call first to be sure. (Christiania reports will happen between 9/24-26.) Spontaneous or appointed open-door times will always be after the noon hour.

Tuesday, 15 September, 7pm
A.W. Moore hosts activists from Slovenia talking about two giant cultural centers in Ljubljana which began as occupations — Metelkova, a former army base, and Rog, once a bicycle factory. The venue is MoRUS, the NYC squat & garden museum. Other radical travelers may join us…
MoRUS museum storefront
155 Avenue C
Manhattan, New York City, 10009

Wednesday, September 16th, 7pm
opening reception for the exhibition:
"Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Space"
Alan Smart and Jack Henrie Fisher of Other Forms are designing this exhibition at ABC No Rio based on the anthology book “Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces”.

Related Events at:

New York Art Book Fair
both "Making Room" and Moore's book "Occupation Culture" will be presented at the New York Art Book Fair
Both "Making Room" and "Occupation Culture" are available online as free PDFs.
Other Forms will be tabling Making Room at the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest's "Friendly Fire" at New York Art Book Fair September 18–20, 2015; preview: Thursday, September 17, 6-9pm

Friday, Sept. 18, 8pm
Related Event:
Friday, September 18
A.W. Moore will be talking at the Sunview Luncheonette, an artists’ project working in a fully functional modernist restaurant. Dylan Gauthier is coordinating this meeting, and other NY Art Book Fair participants will most likely be roped in. Sunview Luncheonette
221 Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
b/t Russell St & Henry St
Greenpoint area

Friday, Sept. 18, 6-8pm
oral history event with Amy Starecheski and friends
Storytelling and discussion with squatters, artists and researchers, moderated by anthropologist and oral historian Amy Starecheski, author of the forthcoming "Ours to Lose: When Squatters Became Homeowners in New York City" and squatter archivist and artist Fly.

Related Event at ABC No Rio:
Monday, Sept. 21
TRI-X-NOISE a mobile photo installation by Bill Daniel
Hobo filmmaker/phototramp Bill Daniel is back on the road with a pop-up photo show comprised of 30 years of 35mm photographs beginning with the early 80s punk scene in Texas, featuring all of your favorite old school punk bands

Related Event:
Seminar session on the squatting movement, produced with the Interference Archive
The first two sessions will likely be held at ABC No Rio and the MoRUS museum
pre-enrollment is strongly recommended -- contact:
On-site at ABC No Rio
Tues. Sept. 22 5-7pm (tentative)
off-site at MoRUS museum
Wed., Sept. 23 7-9pm (cancelled)
(final session 9/27, 2-5pm, in Brooklyn; archive will be open at 12noon)
Interference Archive
131 8th St.
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Thursday, Sept. 24, 7pm
Martha Rosler in conversation with Alan Smart
A conversation with the renowned artist and cultural critic Martha Rosler. The discussion will be keyed to her book Culture Class, and turn on relationships between her artistic practice and urban politics.

Erick Lyle and Streetopia 25th, 7pm
Erick Lyle talks about “Streetopia”
A catalogue of the epochal San Francisco exhibition that cried out against the ferocious gentrification of that city by dot-com workers -- “a massive anti-gentrification art fair that took place in venues throughout the city.” Writer and co-curator Erick Lyle (of the zine SCAM) will present the Streetopia project. (An informal BBQ with BYO will follow in the backyard.)

As yet unscheduled:
early afternoon reportback from the Futurological Symposium at Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark
comrades from the SqEK group and friends will call in to talk about what is going on at the conference, which runs from 9/24 thru 9/26

Related Off-Site Event:
final session of squatting seminar
S A Engel-Di Mauro, Assoc. Prof. Geography at SUNY New Paltz will present
9/27, 3-5pm in Brooklyn)
Interference Archive
131 8th St.
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Sept. 28, evening
meeting at MoRUS to discuss squatting in the USA

A discussion on the relation between artists and social movements -- "Artist as Ally" will be scheduled in October