Monday, June 14, 2010

"Anarchist Track" at U.S. Social Forum Gets Beefy

Cindy Milstein sends this along, and it looks great. I am in London for the SQEK conference at this time. But if you are in Detroit, check this out -- and report it back somehow!
Subject: The IAS at the U.S. Social Forum, as part of the New World from Below convergence: The New World from Below Organizing Collectives--a collaboration between AK Press, City from Below, the Institute for Anarchist Studies, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, Manifesta Musicians’ Collective, Midnight Special Law Collective, Red Emma's, Solidarity and Defense, Team Colors Collective, and the Trumbullplex--is proud to announce the New World from Below convergence at the U.S. Social Forum (USSF) in Detroit from June 22-27, 2010 (;
We believe that social forums can greatly contribute to strengthening social movements both in the United States and internationally. The ecological destruction and economic disaster, coupled with disillusionment about the Obama presidency, makes the USSF in Detroit an urgently needed convergence. We hope to bring what’s unique about anarchist and antiauthoritarian organizing to the social forum, and spark conversations not only about strategies of resistance but also visions of reconstruction from the bottom-up.
To that end, the New World from Below Organizing Collectives will be hosting the New World from Below workshop track within the USSF. This track will bring together 36 talks, panels, and workshops organized by anarchist and antiauthoritarian collectives from across the continent. These will all take place in the USSF’s spaces at Cobo Hall and surrounding locations.
We will also be hosting the New World from Below convergence center, where each day a different collective will organize this space for tabling, art and performances, facilitated anarchist strategy sessions, and socializing as well as networking. The center will be located at the Spirit of Hope Church, 1519 Martin Luther King Junior Blvd., Detroit, MI 48208, at the corner of MLK and Trumbull. And Food Not Bombs/IWW Solidarity Kitchen will be serving food at the New World from Below convergence center.
See the New World from Below Web site for the full schedule as well as updates and posts over the coming two weeks:;
And see you, we hope, in Detroit.