Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh yeah, the catalogue!

The "House Magic: Bureau of Foreign Correspondence" zine catalogue of the exhibition on European Social Centers at ABC No Rio is done. It is the first. There will be at least one more, with a closing deadline of the first week August. (These deadlines are firm, people!) At this moment, the zine catalogue exists only in a print form. There are several copies in Queens, a few in Madrid, a couple in London and Hamburg. When I can get some help to make a PDF, it will be online for everyone to download. Here is the table of contents of volume one, Spring 2009:
Why “House Magic”? – a background on why this project was undertaken
Film and lecture program
Excerpts from an exhibition about the New Yorck Bethanien
Michel Chevalier discusses the Rote Flora in Hamburg, and projects at the New Yorck Bethanien
Communique from RampART Social Centre
Micropolitics plans in London
400th Anniversary of Dutch Squatters in Manhattan
Krax City Mine(d) call for a European Conference of Social Centers
A Roof Over One’s Head, by James Graham
Atelier ESC, Rome, by Virginia Villari
Communique from Social Center Cox 18, Milan
Michel Chevalier translates “Rhino FĂ©roce,” about a Geneva squat
Danish artists talk about a road occupation in Copenhagen at the University of Trash
Credits and acknowledgements

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